This is a richtext editor using the JQuery UI Widget factory. It is very small and does not include any bell and whistles; just an editor. However, it can be extended in an almost unlimited way through "tools".

...But what are you waiting for? Go check the demo, and why not also the source code?


Sandboxed <TEXTAREA>

In-Page editing

(no toolbar)

This DIV has some HTML in it, and it can be edited if you toggle to the editor mode.



Sorry! This widget is in very early development....



Yanick Rochon


2011-07-12 - version 0.5

  • simplified the toolbar declaration to keep it simple. More advanced toolbars can be designed through plugins and external elements
  • code cleanup and reorganisation; everything is well separated and clearer
  • next step should include toolbar button updates when editor state changes

2010-07-12 - version 0.4

  • finally added toolbar support (replace with official JQuery UI Toolbar when ready). For no toolbar, set toolbars: false
  • refactored tools extension implementations
  • added widget styles (see jquery.richtext.css)
  • added themeroller widget for demos
  • many features still missing...

2010-06-29 - version 0.3

  • Corrected namespace (because it is not an official JQuery UI widget)/li>
  • Added viewSource tool
  • Added an utility method to return all the available tools (getAllTools)

2010-06-28 - version 0.2

  • Added sandbox option with in-page editing

2010-06-27 - version 0.1

  • First implementation.
  • Basic usage example using iframe